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SAP S/4HANA Cloud Intelligent Enterprise Architectures are realized on Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments to implement end-to-end processes like Design-to-Operate for SAP S/4HANA Digital Supply Chains.

Discover your S/4HANA Business Processes better with SAP Signavio

Successful business process transformations to SAP S/4HANA Cloud implement SAP Best practices with modern technologies accelerated by the SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Suite.

S/4HANA Business Process Integration

The resulting digital workplaces offer advanced customer experience to help business users to be more productive with focus on higher value tasks. With the help of digital technologies like artificial intelligence or predictive analytics repetitive tasks can be replaced with data-driven Enterprise Automation of end-to-end business processes.

SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Suite

The SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Suite is a cloud-based platform to realize successful business transformations from business strategy to execution.

SAP Signavio S/4HANA Intelligent Business Process Transformation Suite

Dimensions of business transformations with SAP Signavio are Business Strategy translated into well-defined processes for value-adding operations, systems leveraging technology innovations with automation capabilities and people collaborating in agile teams.

SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation solutions support all business process management phases to align business with IT, translate business processes to systems and realize operations to meet customer needs.

SAP Signavio Business Process Analysis and Mining

Business process analysis with Signavio Process Insights and Signavio Process Intelligence enables process analysts to quantify value of as-is processes and validating value-add over end-to-end BPM processes.

SAP Signavio Insights offers summarized top areas of improvements with correction and innovation recommendations for existing SAP systems. Data-driven process mining of as-is business processes is based on usage data, performance indicators (KPI/PPI) and comparisons of industry benchmarks against peers. SAP Signavio fast time to Insights allows start improving right away with narrowed focus on really issues, most relevant functionalities and enterprise automation options.

Process mining with Signavio Business Process Intelligence discovers the gap between designed processes and actual performance to drive Business Process improvements. Standard connectors, standalone connectors and API interfaces integrate data sources with ETL data pipelines defined in data models. Data transformation scripts implement rules to collect events and case attributes into logs which are used for business process analysis with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence investigations.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence analysis can be structured with investigations as containers of chapters and widgets. Basic data elements of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence analysis are events and attributes.

Events represent activities for specific business objects specified by case ID, activity name and timestamp. Attributes to define further event characteristics. Event collectors are SIGNAL scripts which transform data into event logs. Cases are identified by unique IDs as end-to-end instances of one process execution.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence widgets are analytical components which provide different views on business data with diagrams.

SAP Signavio S/4HANA Process Execution Analysis

SAP Signavio Plug and Gain integrates process performance analysis of SAP Signavio Insights with process execution analysis within SAP Signavio Process Intelligence by sharing data loaded with Process Insights.

SAP Signavio Process Execution Analysis is available out-of-the-box for multiple S/4HANA processes and subprocesses. Process Execution analysis shows how frequently a process runs and allows to compare different paths throw the process. With the best-run-score metric the favorable way of processes can be analyzes. The thickness of sequence flows reflects the data volume transitioned between activities.

SAP Signavio Process Discovery for S/4HANA transformations offers visual representations of all cases of the uploaded dataset with KPIs like event count, case count or cycle time displayed on the sequence flows. Frequency information is an important factor of the significance algorithm which decides the percentage of visible activities and paths, changeable with sliders.

Process Variant analysis with the Signavio Variant Explorer examines the visual representation of the most important variants of the dataset and offers the option to create BPMN model out of displayed variant.

SAP Signavio Analytical Widgets

Process performance can be measured with a set of metrics/KPIs out of the SAP Signavio metrics libraries or for custom attributes. SAP Signavio offers Value Widgets to display single aggregated values and Breakdown Widgets to visualize bar charts.

Time orientated analysis can be performed with time series graphs in the Over Time widget or with histograms of KPIs in the distribution widget. Distribution Widgets display average, median and quartile values by default to divide data sets into 4 ranges.

SAP Signavio Process Conformance Widgets

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence Process Execution, Process Conformance and Diagram widgets have to be mapped to Customer Journey Maps or process diagrams designed in the SAP Signavio Process Manager Workspace or to imported diagrams. Process conformance can be checked as deviation to the golden path of the business process.

SAP Signavio Business Process Design

The SAP Signavio Business Process Manager is the central modelling component of the transformation suite with an explorer as central object dictionary, version control system and the option to publish diagrams to the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub.

Fast modelling is offered by the SAP Signavio Quick Model with a table-based editor to design the happy path as simplest version of business process models.

Excellent customer experience is the basis companies to be successful in the competition. Data-driven customer journeys are based on process mining insights to enhance the customer experience with tremendous impact on purchase decisions.

The SAP Signavio Journey Modeler offers table and design based options to realize customer journeys which can be enriched with insights provided by SAP Signavio Process Intelligence widgets.

SAP Signavio S/4HANA Value Accelerator

Value accelerators for S/4HANA transformations are available for SAP Signavio Process Insights, Signavio Process Intelligence and Signavio Process Manager stored in the dictionary. This best practices content is offered in the Signavio Process Explorer and can be leveraged in the SAP Signavio Process Manager to accelerate the adaption of business processes in implementation phases of S/4HANA transformation projects. Fit-to-standard explorations can compare diagrams of As-Is and To-Be processes to implement improvement innovations immediately based on these insights.